Heartless by Marissa Meyer Book Review 

Beware the Queen of Hearts. She'll have your head. Rating: 4/5 Stars Marissa Meyer; the author of the Lunar Chronicles series back again with the untold story of the Queen of Hearts. If you haven't already; check out my book review for the first book in that series; Cinder The story of young Catherine, or Cath … Continue reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer Book Review 


Cinder Book Talk

Cinder is a fairytale retelling written by Marissa Meyer. If you've read my review already then you already have a brief idea of what the story is about but now let's really talk about it. Writing Style Just like in anime the last names are mentioned first. I liked that Meyer did that and how … Continue reading Cinder Book Talk

Cinder by Marissa Meyer Book Review

  Rating: 5/5 Stars                For those who don’t already know, Cinder is a book written by Marissa Meyer. Cinder, is an amazing book and is apart of an equally amazing series, may not be for everyone I admit. However, this story is definitely worth a read! I would … Continue reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer Book Review