Welcome to HerWinterBooks (The Official Blog Page)!

Hi there! I’m so excited to welcome you here, glad that you want to be apart of something great. There are many blogs (and vlogs can’t forget the YouTube community) out there and sure, many may even be better than this one, but that’s ok! Here, I hope to share my thoughts and views on amazing books, quotes, etc. that deserve praise. I hope to welcome fandoms from every corner of the world to share in experiencing and re-experiencing some of the best books you’ve come to love.

From the Book Reviews tabI will be doing reviews and book talks or general discussions on the book. I will however try my best to make review’s without spoilers for those who haven’t read the book but if there are I will always mention it so no one is spoiled. Old and new favourites will be reviewed and discussed. I’m encouraging for there not to be any hate in the comments, everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it. From old favs like Harry Potter to new ones like Divergent and The Infernal Devices, we will experience these fictional worlds together.

I would love to hear from everyone in the comments, always looking forward to hearing your comments and thoughts. Till next time…