Confess by Colleen Hoover Book Review

Rating: 5 stars                     confess-9781476791456_hr

Back for another book review, time to get into Romance for Valentines Day 🙂 this time we’ll be looking at Confess by Colleen Hoover. I was originally drawn in by the cover (amazing !!!). I’ll admit that I’m not much of a contemporary reader, I’ve read John Green and he had some good work but this book was so much more.  This may be a very short review not because i didn’t like it but simply because I want you to find out how amazing her writing is on your own. A friend told me that it’s always best to go into Colleen’s books completely blind; and after reading this book I agree. Colleen really knows how to relate to an audience and capture real life situations even if most of it is fictional.

In a nutshell, Confess is a new contemporary book that begins in such an incredibly sweet way; and I honestly wish that the entire book could have been like that but that’s not how life is. The book is told from 2 perspectives; Auburn and Owen. The book took many twists and turns but everything seems to have worked out in the end. Hoover reminds us that sometimes life is hardest on the nicest of persons. Owen, Auburn and Adam might have had a hard moments in their life but they all got something good in the end and that is what’s so absolutely beautiful about this book.

This book starts out with Auburn, who’s life isn’t as happy without her first love Adam.  Years later, Auburn gave up on finding love again because she felt that no one could possibly replace Adam. She stumbled upon Owen’s art studio one night after walking home from her job at a hair salon (which she hates). That friends is when the new chapter of her life began. Auburn was desperate for money and Owen was (very) desperate for an employee. Coincidence? maybe not…

We later find out that everything truly does happen for a reason, and love does find us in the strangest of ways. But how can she open up here heart when she still thinks of Adam? It may sound complicated with 3 persons being involved but trust me its less than you think. This is as much as I can say without spoiling anything so for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet please READ THIS BOOK you will not regret it, I promise you you won’t and if nothing else you might at least appreciate the AMAZING art work that was mentioned throughout the book that Hoover includes.

the painting are without a doubt breathtaking and inspiring. It makes the paintings that more beautiful because they were inspired by real confessions persons have sent in to Colleen herself.


Now for everyone that has read the book already let’s just get into this. I think we can agree that this book was and is amazing in every way. I absolutely LOVE the fact that Adam basically gave Owen his blessing was so sweet!
I swear to you there were so many moments that I said I wouldn’t cry but I did and this was one of them this was so sweet and it resolved one of the biggest questions I had the whole book. I love how it was Adam and Auburn’s love story that helped Owen find his voice through art. I never expect that Auburn would have been a mother in at all but it explains more of why it was hard for her to date again. Life threw her so many curve balls but she was able to get through them, from “dating” Trey to losing Adam it finally lead her to her getting what she, no what they both truly deserved for so long.

I really do wish that it had ended better for Adam but I personally think that he’s happy with how it ended for Auburn after all this time, she happy, truly happy after losing him, their son has a good male role model in his life and someone is looking out for him and Auburn, really looking out for them. Not how Lydia or Trey did and it was more for their own personal gain than for her. Owen also reminds us that when you find someone in your life that makes you truly happy and makes you forget about all the horrible things that have happened up till now you shouldn’t let them go easily, at least not without trying.

Some of the many quotes from the book that I loved from this book are as below…

“In order to be embarrassed a person has to care about the opinions of the others first. That means she cares about my opinion, even if only a fraction. And I like that, because I obviously care about her opinion of me…”

“…She’s like a light, unwittingly brightening up the darkest corners of a man’s soul…”

“I’ll love you forever even when I can’t”

“She deserves better. So much better. She deserves me. If only she knew that.”

“She deserves so much better than what I can give her. I don’t however, think she deserves better than me. I think she would be perfect for me and I would be perfect with her, but all the bad choices I’ve made in my life are what she doesn’t deserve to be apart of.”

On a different note, I want to comment on how Adam’s family treated Auburn, which I truly hated. I mean how can you stand the girl up on her birthday, leave her totally alone to celebrate it in a town where she has no one but her son and you keep him from her?! THAT was pure evil. At least Owen was able to make it up to her a little by letting her butcher his hair and taking her frustration out on him. AJ is the sweetest and if nothing else Auburn still has a piece of Adam in her life and I’m so happy she has him. I also can’t believe that Lydia had her thinking that she was a bad mother when everything she’s done was for her son.

I did hate that Auburn had to keep up a relationship with Trey, it was a sweet thing she was doing to keep her son close to her but at the same time I hated that she sacrificed her own happiness. Other than that Trey was a total nut bag and needed to be put away the dude needed some professional help; I mean why would you want to confess the poor kid by having his uncle be his new step dad >.>?! That’s a little messed up and then trying to force yourself of her when she clearly wasn’t interested?! AND then trying to dangle her own child in her face just so you could get the girl and yet you say Owen was the dangerous one. I also did originally think Emory was pretty weird at the beginning and maybe a bit mean but at the end of the book I really great to like her.

The last thing I will say about this book, is that I can’t say OMG without smiling and thinking about this book. Maybe Colleen wanted us to remember that life maybe hard but even when you think of yourself in one light there may be at least one person who will see the good in you and they are the ones you need to prove that you deserve. Everyone deserves happiness and to quote another book close to my heart we should not deny ourselves that simple pleasure. Till next time loves, keep on reading 😉

The book can be bought; on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Book – A -Million and most places where books and e-books are sold.

Till next time loves xoxo

*DISCLAIMER* I did purchase this book with my own money for my personal library.


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