To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

If you ever liked a guy in high school, middle school or even right now and did something crazy to cover up the fact that you liked them, so they would never know. Then this is a definitely a book you can relate to and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day/ Galentine’s Day!

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is book one in a trilogy contemporary book series written by Jenny Han. The story follows Lara Jean, a sixteen going on seventeen year old, who has found the perfect way for her to get over her crushes. Lara Jean keeps a blue hatbox her mother had given her, and inside are love letters. Not ones boys have written for her but ones she’s written for them. With a total of five letters in the box in total, it is safe to say that Lara Jean like me is a bit starry eyed. She writes these letters to them to when she’s ready to let them go and move on. Then once she’s written her heart onto the page she puts it away in the hatbox, never to see the light of day. That is, of course until they ALL get accidentally shipped off, and starts a whirlwind of problems for her.

It’s bad enough when all your deepest darkest thoughts about an old flame gets exposed to the person(s) you hoped never found out how you truly felt.

*SPOILER* It’s x10’s worse when one of those person’s happen’s to be your sister’s boyfriend.

How long can she hide this secret from Margot while doing damage control with the boys?

Josh is Margot’s boyfriend, Margot loves Josh….well her whole family loves Josh. Margot, Lara Jean and Kitty (Katherine), who call themselves the Song sisters (because they all have the same middle name; Song) are the closest sisters you will ever come to know. They may have their disagreements at times but there is no separating these three. It was honestly the most heartwarming stories I’ve read in a long time and I’ve never laughed so much from a book either, so that’s saying something.

I honestly wished I had read this book a few years ago, Lara Jean shows us that sometimes it pays for a bit of spontaneity to get over a fear (even if she wasn’t the one to make the sudden decision herself). She’s also so much like me it was hard for me not to relate to her. Her personality is, if you will, very Disney😆. Just like all those princesses waiting for the day their prince will come, and believing in love. Unlike those princesses, Lara Jean understands that love is a risk and she also knows that people aren’t always meant to be with you forever.

If that was the case then we wouldn’t have this story….😉. After reading this book Jenny Han official earned herself a place as one of my favourite authors; which is big because I don’t have that many. Don’t just take my word for it read this book and tell me what you think of it! I’m excited to hear all of your thoughts in the comments down below.

The book can be bought; on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Book – A -Million and most places where books and e-books are sold. The third installment of this series will be out May 2, 2017 !!

Till next time loves xoxo

*DISCLAIMER* I did purchase this book with my own money for my personal library.


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