Top 5 Most Anticipated Books for 2017 and Late 2016! 

It’s that time again! A new year has started and we still haven’t finished every book on our tbr list from last year.  Oh well, let’s get some more books to add to it! (I know I’m not helping XD it’s ok I have a long list too you aren’t alone). Guys, let’s be honest these lists would have gotten longer either way because NEW BOOKS are just waiting to be released!!

For everyone mourning the end of the Lunar Chronicles Series and is already missing the gang. Look no further! Marissa Meyers wasted no time in getting another great book out to us.


Heartless by Marissa Meyer; Released November 8, 2016

This book is an Alice in Wonderland re-telling. Considering how well she did with Cinder and the other books in that series I have some high expectations already. Being a fan of the Red Queen myself I’m looking forward to seeing her story from Marissa Meyer’s view. If you’re interested in reading this book the description is here!


Next, is an old favorite, Cassandra Clare is offering the first book of The Mortal Instrument’s series in a graphic novel! Not everyone is going to be excited about that but hey I think it’ll be an interesting take on the series. The cover does throws me off a bit because it looks so futuristic. For more you can check out my book review and book talk.



City of Bones Graphic Novel by Cassandra Clare, Releasing January 30,2017


Next, is the third book in the Red Queen series, which is highly anticipated for everyone in the fandom and especially the shippers! The shippers more so because we keep getting teaser’s from Aveyard’s tumblr page. The teasers are too real guys!! it’s too much to handle I need this book right now!! This book is set to release in a matter of months so you have time to catch up to the series but in the mean time how about starting with the summary?


King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard; Releasing February 7, 2017


If you want to catch up on the series check out my book reviews and book talks for the first two books in the series in the links below!

Red Queen Book Review and Book Talk 

Glass Sword Book Review and Book Talk


The fourth book  is one that’s very near and dear to my heart, in this finally installment of a beloved contemporary Jenny Han finally concludes her story about the Song Girls. The big question at hand is who will Lara Jean pick and will her story end like her older sister, Margot. In all honestly this may be the one book I’m most anxious about reading. The nostalgia of being reunited with the Song girls but most of all the answers to everything that this book as been building up to. I would suggest reading the first book if you haven’t already but for those who have and are just finding out about this book the summary is right here.


Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han, Releasing May 2, 2017

Check out the first two books for this series and my reviews and book talks are coming soon!


Lastly is The Thousandth Floor, which looks absolutely intriguing and not one, not two but five teenagers far into the future; (2118 to be exact). I currently have this book in my possession and OMG is it gorgeous !!! Opening it up fills me with excitement everything, I’ll go more into detail about how beautiful it is when I post my book review and book talk; but for now take my word for it. If you want to read the full summary it’s available here.


The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee; Released August 30th, 2016


Stay posted guys my 2017 TBR list is coming soon and you might see some of these books making it onto the list 😉


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