How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump!

We’re back again guys!! Now today I wanna help all my fellow readers with a common problem in our community. Reading Slumps. Now you can get rid these if you take some of these suggestions;
Set A Reading Goal Daily! 

A little goes a long way. Set a certain number of pages you want to read a day like 50 pages a day. By setting a daily reading goal you can slowly make progress on that never ending TBR list and get motivated to keep at it. When you see the progress you will be motivated to keep it up and to do more to reach your goals. It only takes 21 days for this habit to be cemented so keep at it!
Find A Really Interesting Book or Look Back at Your TBR List

Look at recently released books or the top most popular books for the this year or the previous year. Look at books your favorite writers have written and go from there. Some of these books might even be on your TBR list so pick of the book you were once most excited for. That is the book you should start with first! these books are the ones we often regret not reading sooner once we’ve finished them.


Check Out Your Favourite Booklr/Booktube for inspiration 

Look at the feed or the updates from your favorite book blogger, bookstagrams or Booktubers. That is the best place to get inspiration, you can find a lot of that kind of stuff on my booklr. Looking at amazing book pictures. I always get inspiration from looking at their feeds I love looking at the amazing pictures and reading other person’s reviews and really helps me decide on what books I should read next
Suggest A Book To Someone 

How excited do you get when you talk about a book with someone? Suggesting a good book that you read from so long ago can excite you to find another book that makes you feel the same way. It might even make you want to re-read that book over again.
Try A “Travelling Book Club”, This is such a fun little thing that you can do with your friends over the summer maybe or with friends who live far away. It puts so much more excitement and anticipation to read the book so you can read your friend’s reactions and share in the experience of it all. I would suggest that you start out with a series that you all are excited about, going through a whole series with your closest friends and some beloved characters. There isn’t anything else in the world that sounds like the start of a great adventure!


I hope you guys found these tips helpful and you have fun with reading trying all of these out. Reading a good book should never be a chore and it doesn’t have to be once we shake off those book slump blues. Till next time loves xo




2 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump!

  1. Good tips. My biggest problem is that other activities eat into my reading time. Often, they are more interesting than the dull (slow going) book that I’m currently reading. This makes finishing the book a slog through mud.

    When I was a young man, I ALWAYS finished a book, regardless of how bad (subjective opinion) it was. Now that I’m much older, I don’t waste my time on books that don’t grab me in the first 50 or so pages. This, sadly, has put me off to quite a few books over the recent years that actually were pretty good books. I gave some of them second chances. I’m glad I did.

    First time visitor to your blog. Very nice. 🙂

    Oh, came from Google+ to visit you.

    Regards, and happy reading!


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, read and comment I really appreciate that Eric. One solution I can give you is maybe trying out audio books, I’ve been very against them myself but recently I’ve found it really helps me get more reading done and makes other tasks a lot more interesting 🙂

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