Red Queen Book Talk

As I mentioned in my book review, my favorite line for the book;

“Anyone can betray anyone.” – Mare Barrow, Red Queen


Writing Style 

It is definitely the one line from this book that you need to remember going into it. Personally, I think that Victoria Aveyard, did an amazing job showing that to her readers. I loved how she wrote this book, but the ending I had to admit was my least favorite part about this whole book. The ending I hate because it was a cliff hanger. This left me totally excite for the second book! It was really original for her to have people judged based on the colour of your blood. She has a way of writing an unpredictable story and that is key for a book like this.


Love Triangle (?)

Cal. Mare. Maven. Kilorn. Mare, I truly hope by the end of this series you pick  ONE of these boys. Seriously, there are far too many people involved in this for it to even be a love triangle anymore. Ok, so maybe not Maven, he’s way too crazy right now for me to see anything happen for you. If you’ve read my Red Queen Book Review, then you already know that I ship Cal and Mare! I’ll be honest, Mare and Kilorn but I can see that she doesn’t feel as deeply for him as she does for Cal or Maven even.



Plot Twists 

I loved that BOTH princes got a future bride. Secondly, the biggest plot twist without a doubt is the fact that Maven AND his mother had a plot to double cross Cal and Mare. Now, onto the fact that Elara forced Cal to kill his father AND be framed for his murder! It’s just amazing to me that the King was ever married to Elara, but I guess that must have been a loveless marriage. Purely political maybe. It sucks that Maven used Mare’s feelings for him against her but then again she did the same to Cal. Twisted relationships.


Queen Elara and the Lies

Do I really need to expound? I never trusted Elara and I never trusted her at all. She was sneaky from the start. I also have a very strong suspicion that she’s the reason for Cal’s mother’s, Queen Coriane’s death. I could sense her jealousy for Coriane just in the fact that no one is allowed to speak about her. Not even her own brother. On top of that, you’re going to punish anyone who even speaks a word about her or the TRUTH behind what happened to her like Sara?! That’s insane. Elara knows no chill. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised the Queen does seem to have the ability to lie and cover up things if she really wanted to. After all she did cover up a missing plane. I mean how do you cover that up and not expect people to ask questions?

Elara, truly you are the Queen of petty because you’ve brain washed your own child into killing his father over petty reasons. Forever salty.


The second book is the series is out now! The second book review will be out soon so stay posted and check back for more updates!

See you at the next book!

Till next time loves…

*DISCLAIMER* I did purchase this book with my own money for my personal library.


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