Cinder by Marissa Meyer Book Review


Rating: 5/5 Stars               Cinder_Cover

For those who don’t already know, Cinder is a book written by Marissa Meyer. Cinder, is an amazing book and is apart of an equally amazing series, may not be for everyone I admit. However, this story is definitely worth a read! I would definitely recommend it to anyone in a reading slump or in need of an interesting book to get them back on track for meeting that Goodreads reading challenge goal!

*NOTE: The story takes place in Asian, which is why the names are written like that. If you’ve ever read/watched anime you’re probably used to the character’s last name being called first. It’s a little confusing but you’ll get used to it.*

Cinder, is a re-telling of the classic and well known fairytale, Cinderella. The story begins in New Beijing; where Cinder works as a skilled and famous mechanic, who is ironically a machine herself, being a cyborg. Already you know that this isn’t going to be like the typical retellings (e.g. A Cinderella Story, Another Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song, etc.) Don’t get  me wrong as great as those movies were, there wasn’t much difference between that and the original.

In this version, a dangerous plague originating from the Moon, called Letumosis has spread on Earth. Unfortunately, for the people of Earth, the only known cure for the disease was formulated by the Lunar Queen Levanna. She’s everyone’s least favorite person next to Voldemort and that’s putting it nicely.

Leanna, being the evil queen that she is, not only makes only one dose of the antidote but also toys with the council and threatens to wage war on the planet over finding a girl (and other illegal members of her planet that smuggled themselves to Earth, but let’s be honest she doesn’t really care about them as much). A little over dramatic I know.

A girl, we later find out is actually her long lost niece who was thought to be dead. Years ago. Killed in a freak accident. I wonder how that happened. Who knew a grown woman would be so threatened by a baby. Now that she knows Princess Selene is alive, and is the only one that can see through Levanna’s glamour and bring peace to the Eastern Common Wealth; her reign may just be at it’s end.

Now what’s a Cinderella re-telling without a Prince Charming right? Prince (now King) Kaito or Kai to be specific. He’s fallen for Cinder despite her insecurities about being a cyborg (and being named as a fugitive). As if that we’re his only problem he has to leader to his control a disease outbreak, prepare for an upcoming war while having his planet invaded by Levanna’s mutated army to hunt down Princess Selene. Talk about complicated.

I still have to wonder if we’ll ever see Dr. Erland again and if he actually made it to Africa. Lastly, Iko is way better than the mice from the original story (sorry Gus Gus). Who better to help out run the army that’s after and still have time to talk about her crush on Kai!

For a deeper looking into my thoughts on the book check out my Cinder book talk!

The book can be bought at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books – A – Million and almost anywhere books are sold.

The second book in the series is out and the book review is to come so please follow along on this Lunar Chronicles journey with me in Scarlet.

Till next time loves…

*DISCLAIMER* I did purchase this book with my own money for my personal library.



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